Nanny's Circle

Meet Your New Virtual Nanny!

Behavior Shaping and Family Organization Made Fun and Easy!

Play Attention's mission is to take care of all of your needs when it comes to ADHD - from assessment, to neurocognitive training, to family management. To that end, we are pleased to introduce you to Nanny's Circle, the premier family management app for families with ADHD children.

Nanny provides a fun environment that lets you manage your family’s daily life, complete goals, and give rewards for a job well done.

Give Nanny 20 minutes and she’ll give you peace of mind...

Both you and your child are given your very own rooms in Nanny's house. The rooms are full of tools for daily living. As your child completes daily tasks, Nanny Points are awarded. These points can be spent on decorations for their room, fun games, toys, and personalized coupons that can be printed and redeemed for prizes. In addition children can be issued consequences for incomplete work or misbehavior. This easy system of reinforcement motivates children to manage their lives and have fun doing it!

Nanny helps you organize chores, schedules, homework, allowance, goals, etc. all in one place! No more chore charts and scattered notes around the house! Relax, Nanny's here.