NASA Inspired

As a school teacher, Play Attention's founder was concerned that no tools or programs were available to help ADHD children. He watched them struggle and often fail due to lack of focus and skills necessary to learn. He began researching attention training and found that NASA was using feedback based technology to improve astronaut performance on flight simulator training.

Since he had training from the National Science Foundation in educational computer programming, he began to develop Play Attention - enhancing NASA's technology for use in the classroom and home.

After years of research and development, Play Attention was introduced to the public school systems throughout the US. Play Attention is now used internationally in homes, learning centers, school systems, psychologist's offices, hospitals, athletics, and industry.

SpaceEdMdPeter Freer, the teacher who invented Play Attention, spoke at the National Space Society Conference (Washington, DC 2005) at NASA's request to discuss his patented advance of NASA technology. Play Attention is now certified by the Space Foundation.